What is Skill Assessment?

What is the skill assessment? 

Skill assessment is the bodies who assess the qualifications and experience and determines if it is relevant to the nominated occupation. Different occupations have different skill assessment authority body. 

Each skill assessment body assesses the range of occupations. Some asses it through the supporting documents while others through the practical test. 

The Skill assessment body, Australian Computer Society, commonly known as ACS, assesses computer-related occupations while the trade-related occupations are assessed by Trade Recognition Australia, commonly known as TRA. 

Engineers Australia assesses all Engineer related occupations. The most common one for the general and professional occupations are VETASSES. AITSL assesses the teaching-related occupations, whereas the child care related ones are ACECQA. 

Each assessing body has its requirements of qualification, post qualification experience, English requirements. Some assessing body accepts the RPL degree, while some others don’t. 

So before you start the application process for the skill assessment, it is important to choose the correct or the closely related occupation, find the relevant skill assessment body, and ensure you meet their requirements. If you are interested in getting a free assessment for your eligibility for Australian visa options, please feel free to CONTACT US.