vetasses New Price List for the Skill Assessment
ServiceCurrent PriceNew Price

Full Skill Assessment$927$962

Priority Processing $600$623

Points test Advice(returning Applicants)$400$415

Points Test Advice (non-Vetassess)- PhD$378$392

Points Test Advice(non-Vetassess)-Other Overseas qualifications $263$273

Points Test Advice (non-Vetassess)-Australian qualification $150$156

485 Graduate Visa Qualifications Only Assessment$375$392

Post-485 Assessment$721$748

Reassessment(review) Qualifications $287$298

Reassessment(review)- Employment $515$535

Reassessment(Change of Occupation) - 485 visa $344$357

Reassessment(Change of Occupation) - Full Skills$630$654

Appeal $779$809

Renewal of Skill Assessment $400$415

Source: Vetassess News

Published on 02/02/2022