Tasmania State requirements for 491 for FY 2022-23

Subclass 491 has different pathways. 

Tasmanian Skilled Employment Pathway:

Applicants are eligible if have been working in Tasmania for 6 months immediately before the application lodgement. The employment must be a min of 20 hours per week. If occupation is n TOSOL, the applicants are eligible after 3 months of employment. 

The applicant must have been living in Tasmania  and the current employment doesn't need to be under the related occupation. Currently, not working in the related field, at least needs to have the ANZSCO related qualifications or experience. 

Subcontractors are considered under this pathway if they have been working in the related skill assessment and at least 12 months business activity in Tasmania.

If working in a role classified under skill level 4 or 5., you must have been working in Tasmania for 6 months and currently living in Tasmania. The employment must be ongoing for at least 6 months and there must be a genuine ongoing job. 

Tasmanian Skilled Graduate Pathway:

The applicant must have completed a course of study from Tasmania registered colleges/Universities and they must have lived for at least one calendar years from the commencement of course and the course must be at AQF 5 or higher or a least Cert III for ANZSCO Major Groups 3 or 4.T

The applicant must have completed the entire course in Tasmania and must be living in Tasmania. 

PhD candidates are eligible after completing at least 2 years of their PhD discipline in Tasmania.

Tasmania Established Resident Pathway:

Applicant are eligible under this pathway, if they have been libing in Tasmania for at least 2 years (with no more than 50 percent of your total Australian residence period spent in another Australian state or territory and currently employed in Tasmania in Either:

  •  role equivalent to ANZSCO Skill Level 1-3, including a cumulative 6 months experience at the same level in the last 12 months (a minimum 20 hours per week), or
  • a role equivalent to ANZSCO Skill Level Skill Level 4 or 5, with a cumulative 12 months experience at the same level or higher in the last 18 months (a minimum 20 hours per week).

Tasmania Business Operator Pathway:

 The applicants need to demonstrate that they have an established and operated business in Tasmania for at least 12 months and the business has a personal taxable income of at least $45815 and show that have an understanding of the responsibilities and requirements. Subcontracting business owners are not eligible for consideration in this pathway 

Overseas Applicant (Job Offer) Pathway:

Applicants are eligible if they have received a job offer in the closely related nominated occupation and the applicants or their dependents have not lived in any other state or territory within the last 12 months and the employer have a well established business and has been running for at least 12 months. The applicants should be paid as per the market rate and the position must be genuine and ongoing. 

Overseas Applicant (OSOP) Invitation Only Pathway:

Applicants to be considered under this pathway, the Migration Tasmania must have contacted in writing to register on Migration Tasmania Gateway and the occupation must be listed on Overseas Skilled Occupation profiles and the applicants or their dependents have not lived in any state or territory in the last 12 months. 

Applicants must be invited to apply for nominated and must provide evidence of contact with at least 2 Tasmanian employers who have been operating for at least 12 months., provide research on the job opportunities.

To apply for subclass 491 Tasmania State, the following are the requirements:

  1. Lodge an EOI 
  2. Register the interest through the Migration Tasmanian Gateway
  3. If pre-invited, can apply for nomination and pay the nomination application fee of $220
  4. If invitation is received, can lodge the visa with the Department of Home Affairs

Source: Migration Tasmania Website

Published on 24/07/2022