Australia has been one of the attractive designations for migrants over the years. Migrants are often attracted to Australia for better education, better quality of work. Australia is a successful multicultural nation with natural beauty and a temperate climate. Australia has managed the Covid-19 Pandemic under control for more than a year. It has faced many economic challenges. More than half of the temporary migrants left Australia due to pandemic leaving a huge number of skilled shortages in Australia. Australia needs skilled migrants to fill in the skills shortages. Recently, there was a joint standing committee on migration to inquire and report on Australia’s skilled migration. Some of the recommendations are as below: 

  • Change of LMT for employer sponsored visa.
  • Removal of SAF levy for employer sponsored visa until the Covid-19 pandemic is over.
  • PMSOL occupation to be updated including Chef, veterinarians, Café and Restaurant Manager, Seafarer, cooks, electrical engineer, Civil engineer, motor mechanic, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors.
  • Review of occupation list as the economy emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Allowing 482 visa holders to work in multiple roles within the organisation.
  • Expedite processing time for skilled workers

Source: MIA        23/03/2021