South Australia Eligibility Requirements

South Australia Skilled Occupation List SA state nomination is only for the applicants currently residing in South Australia if not, the applicants are not eligible. The applicant's nominated occupation must be listed on the SA skilled occupation list. Link for SA Skilled occupation list: The applicant must be working in the nominated occupation for at least 20 hours per week on a paid basis. Note: Concessions apply for applicants currently working in outer regional South Australia or have a long-term South Australia residency. For South Australian graduates, the applicants are eligible for exemptions or waivers to the work experience requirements specified under each occupation. Priority Streams are categorised as: 

  • Talent and Innovators Program
  • Currently Working in South Australia (including the long term residents of SA)
  • International Graduates of South Australia

 Talent and Innovators Program: This stream allows the state to nominate the eligible applicants under one of the four following streams: 

  • Employment Stream: For highly skilled applicants as who is working for South Australian businesses. Under this category, the following requirements must be met:
  • The employer must be operating for at least 12 months in SA.
  • Have an annual turnover of at least $4 million. It is exempted if located in outer regional SA or is a startup company
  • The applicant must be earning a high base salary threshold of at least $80,000. The exemption is available for working in a startup or working in outer regional SA or is a recent graduate
  • Must have at least proficient English score
  • Be in SA on an existing temporary visa working for the business already
  • Startup and Small business stream: For skilled entrepreneurial applicants who have started their own business in South Australia. The criteria are as follows:
  • The business must be established in SA for the last 12 months and have been residing in SA for at least 24 months.
  • Business must be aligned with the priority Growth State Industry Sectors
  • The business must be able to give a personal  income that meets the minimum taxable income requirements set by DHA
  • If existing SISA visa holder, the established business in SA for the last six months resided in SA continuously during the period.
  • Business must have at least two employees on an ongoing full-time basis
  • Independent talent stream: For high calibre applicants seeking state nomination. The eligibility criteria are as below:
  • Applicant must be residing in SA
  • Applicants must have at least 95 points including state nomination. However, lower points may be considered in exceptional cases
  • Must have at least a proof of proficient English, however lower points may be considered in exceptional cases
  • Applicant must have relevant work experience however limited experience may be considered in exceptional cases
  • High performing graduate stream: High-performing applicants who have completed the qualification from South Australian higher education institutions. The criteria under this stream are as follows:
  • Must have completed a Bachelor or higher qualification at a South Australian higher education provider in the last two years with a minimum of 50% education completed in SA.
  • Applicants must have proof of at least proficient English score, or higher is required for the nominated occupation
  • SA completed qualification must be related to the nominated occupation
  • Applicants must be residing in SA post-course completion
  • Education under health or natural or physical sciences will be prioritised
  • Applicants completed a PhD or Masters Research degree can apply once the degree has been conferred
  • Applicants completed a Masters by Coursework degree must have a grade point average of 6.0 or higher and must be for at least 78 weeks.
  • Applicants graduated with First-class Honours in a dedicates Honours year must have completed 92 CROCOS weeks of Bachelor degree in SA
  • Applicants who graduated Bachelor degree must be at least 92 CRICOS weeks and has Grade point average of 6.0 or higher unless the nominated occupation has different requirements

 The first three streams applicants, if eligible, has to lodge an EOI, whereas the last stream applicants can lodge the state nomination directly. Under the Talent and Innovators Program, the applicants have selected from other states only in exceptional circumstances. Currently Working in SA: Under this category, the applicant can have concessional and waivers on the eligibility requirement, depending upon their residence in SA, Nominated occupation and if they are living and working in outer regional SA. Applicants applying for 19, must have applicants working for the last 12 months, whereas for 491, the applicant must be working for the last six months in SA. Applicants applying under this category must meet state nomination and nominated occupation requirements. Note: Applicants on 457,482 or 494, need to provide a letter from the employer having consent to apply for the state nomination Application

 Living and Working in Regional South Australia: The applicant who has been living and working in regional Australia need to meet the following categories: 

  • Applicants must be residing and working for the last 12 months in outer regional SA in any occupation. The occupation does not need to be a skilled occupation nor related to the nominated occupation can apply for subclass 491.

 Living and working in SA as a long term resident The applicants under this category are eligible for waivers to the skilled work experience requirements. 

  • Stream One: International Graduates and Partners: Applicant former international graduates of SA or partner of international graduates and have been living in SA constinously can apply for 491 if they have been living for the last 3 190 if the applicant has been living for the last five years. The applicant must be working for the last 12 months in SA in any skilled occupation, including all skill level 1,2,3 occupation and Skill level 4c carers and Aides occupations. The employment over the last 12 months must be at least 20 hours per week.
  • Stream two: Other temporary visa holders(excluding student and graduate visa holders). The applicant must have resided in SA for at least seven years and continue to reside in SA. The applicant must be currently working for 12 months in any occupation. The work experience must be at least 20 hours per week. For this, the applicant is eligible for only 491 visas.

 International Graduates of South Australia Applicants who are a recent international graduate who has studied in SA are eligible for state nomination as a skilled migrant. International graduates and the state nomination must meet the department's requirements, and the occupation must be listed on the Skilled occupation list.

Published on 06/02/2021

Source: SA Migration Website