Second 485 Visas for the first subclass 485 holders under the post-study workstream

As per the latest legislation, applicants who has studied, lived and worked in the regional area of Australia while holding their first subclass 485 are eligible to apply for the second 485 visas. The extension of the subclass 485 is also eligible for the current 485 visa holders who have graduated from the regional institution and have been living and working in the regional area can also apply for the extension. The duration of the second TR visa depends on the regional area the applicants have been graduated. The definition of the regional area is defined as all of Australia except Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Applicants graduated from Perth, Adelaide, GoldCoast, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Wollongong, Illawarra, Geelong and Hobart are eligible for an addition of 1 year period on their second TR visa.’ Applicants who graduated from any other regional area will be eligible for an additional two years in Australia on their post-study stream. The application for the second TR Visa is as below: 

  • Primary applicant: $650
  • Secondary applicant above 18: $325
  • Secondary applicant below 18: $165

 The second TR visa will be granted with the conditions; that the applicant will live, work and study only in the regional area of Australia. This condition applies to the family member as well. The applicants are eligible to apply for this visa, only while they hold the first TR visa and can lodge application from 21 Jan 2021. There is no requirement of English for this visa subclass. 

Source: Migration Amendment (Temporary Graduate Visas) Regulations 2020 (