NSW nomination requirement for Subclass 491

NSW Regional Area has announced some of the information recently in regards to the NSW nomination for the subclass 491. Below is the summary of the eligibility requirement for the NSW nomination and additional information. As per the new arrangement, each RDA will have their skilled occupation list and the list will be available on their respective websites. The eligibility criteria will be the same for each RDA. Nomination Criteria for the NSW nomination is categorised under three streams and applicants has to meet eligibility for one of the streams to apply for the NSW nomination successively. Any applicants applying for NSW nomination must have a positive valid skill assessment for an occupation which is listed on the nominated region’s occupation list. 

  • Living and Working in NSW: 

 Applicants are eligible under this stream only if they have been living in a designated regional area of NSW for at least 12 months previously and have been working in the nominated or closely related occupation in the designated region for at least 12 months 

  • Recently completed study in NSW:

 To be eligible under this stream, the applicant must have studied and lived in the designated regional area while completing the course. The course must meet the Australian study requirement, and the study must be completed within the last 24 months. The qualification obtained must be related or closely related to the nominated occupation. (The education provides must also be located in a designated regional area in NSW) 

  • Living and working outside the regional NSW:

 Under this stream, there are subcategories and applicants has to meet one of the categories. 

  • Job Offer in Regional NSW:

 The applicant who is outside of NSW, but in Australia can apply if they have a job offer for ongoing employment in the nominated or closely related occupation. The employment must be a minimum of 35 hours per week with an offer for at least a year. The employer must be located in a designated regional area in NSW, and the business is registered in Australia.  

  • At least five years skilled employment experience

 The applicant who is resided outside of Australia can apply if they have at least five years of skilled employment experience in the nominated or closely related occupation.  

  • Family Ties in Australia 

 The applicant can apply under this category if they have an immediate family member in a designated regional area. The family member must currently live in the designated regional area and also have lived for at least 24 months. The family member must be at least 18 years of age and must be an Australian PR, Citizen or an NSW nominated provisional visa holder 489. The immediate family member can be a grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother or sister, including a step or adoptive relationship. 

Published  - 24/11/2020