November month Changes
  1. s48 bar applicants can apply for certain visa subclasses while onshore
  2. sc 457, sc 482 and sc485 visa holders who held British National Overseas passport at the time of grant, have a visa extended until 8th Jul 2025
  3. Victoria updated the targets sectors by including creative industries 
  4. Two hundred invitations issued for in the oct 2021 skill select invitation round
  5. Around 18 visa holders can travel without exemption to Australia from Dec 15th 
  6. Changes to STSOL visa holders in hospitality and health industry with options to PR in the future. More information yet to be provided by the Department
  7. sc485 visa holders who are unable to travel, will be provided to apply for a replacement visa from Jul 2022
  8. sc485 visa holders under post study work stream to be granted with three year period
  9. sc 485 visa holders under graduate stream to be granted visa for two years from 1st Dec 2021
  10. sc485 visa holders under graduate stream, provided with a waiver of occupation not to be listed on the MLTSSL. This is in effect from Jul 2022
  11. Nil VAC for visitor visa applicants who are overseas and had their visa expired

Pubclised on 01st Dec 2021