Latest News on Australia’s Migration for the financial year

Net overseas migration numbers are calculated based on the number of people who enter and stay in Australia for 12 months or more, compared with how many of them have left Australia during the period.

In Australia, the overseas migration accounts for almost two-thirds of the population growth. The population growth is very important for Australia economy growth.

Below are some of the changes that are going to be implemented:

  • Current Migration Program Planning level to remain at 160,000
  • Prioritisation for employer-sponsored, Global Talent and Business Innovation and Investment Programs
  • Tripling of the Global Talent Independent program allocation to 15,000 places
  • Increase in Business Innovation and Investment Program to 13,500 places
  • The family stream will be increased from 47,732 to 77,300 places out of which 72,300 is for Partner category
  • Fee waiver for tourist and work and holiday visas once the borders are opened
  • Onshore applicants and partner visa sponsor living in designated regional area will be prioritised
  • English requirement for partner visas to be introduced soon
  • Temporary visa holders and visitor visa holders can get waiver for the subsequent visa application charge
  • Increase of VAC for Business Innovation and Investment program by an additional 11.3%
  • Global Talent Independent Program to be tripled to 15,000

 - Published on 06/10/2020

Source - MIA News