Find jobs in Australia

How to find a job in Australia or find an employer to sponsor while overseas?

If you are overseas and you are looking for a job in Australia, the first step would be to prepare an updated resume as per the standards.

So, most of us will be wondering how to prepare the resume, what details to add and so on.

Like the saying, “the first impression is the best impression”. In your case, the resume is the first impression of your skills and experience. So, don’t forget to include your education degree, any achievement during your studies which might be suitable for the role you are applying. List the experience, any achievements at the workplace which have helped the organisation.

Always remember to mention the skills related to the role.

For any of the occupation, you can find the tasks and duties which is required as per the Australia and New Zealand standards under the major group. For reference, please find the link below:,%20Revision%201?opendocument&tabname=Summary&prodno=1220.0&issue=First%20Edition,%20Revision%201&num=&view=

Along with the resume, include the cover letter, specifying what will be your contribution to the organisation.

For reference, please find some of the common websites through which you can apply for jobs in Australia

Published on 21/10/2020