Employer Sponsored Visa

Many migrants travel across the world looking for career options and a better quality of life.

Australian Immigration assists the local business employers to fill the skill shortages using various visa subclasses. Depending upon the migrant's skills and experience, employers can nominate the applicants for a short duration or long time depending on their needs.

There is three employer-sponsored visa subclass to meet the Australian demands for skill shortage.

  • Temporary Skills Shortage Visa ( TSS) – Visa subclass 482
  • Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS) – Visa subclass 186
  • Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional(Provisional) (SESR) – Visa subclass 494

The employer should ensure the migrants are treated the same as local employees and paid them as per the Australian market salary range.

The visa conditions attached to the applicant  and for employers to oblige to their sponsorship obligations; the following criteria have to be met while holding these visa subclasses:

  • Applicant works only in the nominated occupation
  • Applicant start working with the employer within 90 days of the grant  if already onshore or 90 days of arrival in Australia
  • The applicant does not stop working with the nominated employer for more than 60 consecutive working days
  • The applicant has been paid as per the signed employment contract
  • If the applicant has worked more than the required hours, he/she has been paid accordingly
  • The applicants are paid the required superannuation fund regularly to their allocated fund
  • The salary has been paid regularly, and there are no delays
  • The applicant does not work with any other employers

Breach to these visa conditions either by the applicant or the employers can lead to visa cancellation to the applicant or the sponsorship bar to the employers.

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Published on 28/10/2020