ACT Occupation List


Advertising, public relations and sales managers (1311)131112Sales & Marketing Manager
131113Advertising Manager
131114Public Relations Manager (491 only)
Corporate Services Manager (1321)132111Corporate Services Manager
Finance managers (1322)132211Finance Manager
Human resource managers (1323)132311Human Resource Manager
Policy and planning managers (1324)132411Policy and Planning Manager (491 only)
Construction managers (1331)133111Construction Project Manager
Production managers (1335)133512Production Manager (Manufacturing)
Supply and Distribution Manager (1336)133611Supply, Distribution Manager
133612Procurement manager (491 only)
ICT managers (1351)135112ICT Project Manager
135199ICT Managers (nec)
Other specialist managers (1399)139911Arts Administrator or Manager
139912Environmental Manager
139915Sports Administrator (491 only)
Café and restaurant managers (1411)141111Cafe and Restaurant Manager
Call or contact centre and customer service managers (1492)149211Call or Contact Centre Manager (491 only)
149212Customer Service Manager
Conference and Event Organisers (1493)149311Conference and Event Organisers
Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers (1499)149913Facilities manager
Journalists and other writers (2124)212411Copywriter
212412Newspaper or Periodical Editor
212413Print Journalist
212415Technical Writer
212416Television Journalist
212499Journalist & other writers (nec)
Accountants (2211)221111Accountant (General)
221112Management Accountant
221113Taxation Accountant
Auditors, company secretaries and corporate treasurers (2212)221211Auditor
221213External Auditor
221214Internal Auditor
Financial Adviser (2223)222311Financial Investment Adviser
222312Financial Investment Manager
Human Resource Professionals (2231)223111HR Professional (491 only)
223112Recruitment Consultant
223113Workplace Relations Adviser (491 only)
Intelligence and policy analysts (2244)224412Policy Analyst (491 only)
Management and organisation analysts (2247)224711Management Consultant 
224711Organisation and Methods  Analysts
Other information and organisation professionals (2249)224912Liaison Officer (491 only)
224914Patents Examiner (491 only)
224999Information and Org. Prof. nec (491 only)
Advertising and marketing professionals (2251)225111Advertising Specialist 
225112Marketing Research Analyst (491 only)
225112Marketing Specilaist
Public relations professionals (2253)225311Public Relations Professional
Architects and Landscape Architects (2321)232111Architect
232112Landscape Architect
Graphic and web designers, and illustrators (2324)232411Graphic Designer
232413Multimedia Designer (491)
232414Web Designer
Civil engineering professionals (2332)233211Civil Engineer
233212Geotechnical Engineer
233213Quantity Surveyor
233214Structural Engineer
233215Transport Engineer
Electrical Engineers (2333)233311Electrical Engineers
Electronics Engineers (2334)233411Electronics Engineers
Other engineering professionals (2339)233911Aeronautical Engineer
233912Agricultural Engineer
233913Biomedical Engineer
233915Environmental Engineer
Veterinarians (2347)234711Veterinarian
Early childhood (pre-primary school) teachers (2411)241111Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher
University Lecturers and Tutors (2421)242111University Lecturers
242112University  Tutors
Occupational and environmental health professionals (2513)251311Environmental Health Officer (491 only)
251312Occupational Health and Safety Adviser
Pharmacists (2515)251511Hospital Pharmacists
251513Retail Pharmacists
Dental practitioners (2523)252311Dental Specialist
252312Dentist (491 only)
Occupational therapists (2524)252411Occupational Therapist
Physiotherapists (2525)252511Physiotherapist
Audiologists and speech pathologists / therapists (2527)252711Audiologist
252712Speech Pathologist
General practitioners and resident medical officers (2531)253111General Practitioner
253112Resident Medical Officer
Registered nurses (2544)254411Nurse Practitioner
254412Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
254413Registered Nurse (Child & Family Health)
254414Registered Nurse (Community Health)
254415Registered Nurse (Critical Care & Emergency)
254416Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)
254417Registered Nurse (Disability & Rehabilitation)
254418Registered Nurse (Medical)
254421Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)
254422Registered Nurse (Mental Health)
254423Registered Nurse (Perioperative)
254424Registered Nurse (Surgical)
254425Registered Nurse (Paediatrics)
254499Registered Nurses (nec)
ICT business and systems analysts (2611)261111ICT Business Analyst 
261112Systems Analyst
Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers (2612)261211Multimedia Specialists
261212Web developer
Software and applications programmers (2613)261311Analyst Programmer
261312Developer Programmer
261313Software Engineer
261314Software Tester
261399Software and Applications Programmers nec
Database and systems administrators, and ICT security specialists (2621)262111Database Administrator
262112ICT Security Specialist
262113Systems Administrator
Computer network professionals (2631)263111Computer Network & Systems Engineer
263112Network Administrator
263113Network Analyst
ICT support and test engineers (2632)263211ICT Quality Assurance Engineer
263212ICT Support Engineer
263213ICT Systems Test Engineer
263299ICT Support and Test Engineers (nec)
Solicitors (2713)271311Solicitors
Counsellors (2721)272111Careers Counsellor
272112Drug and Alcohol Counsello
272113Family and Marriage Counsellor
272114Rehabilitation Counsellor
272115Student Counsellor
272199Counsellors nec
Psychologists (2733)272311Clinical Psychologist
272312Educational Psychologist
272313Organisational Psychologist
272399Psychologist (nec)
Social workers (2725)272511Social Worker
Welfare, recreation and community arts workers (2726)272611Community Arts Worker (491 only)
272612Recreation Officer
272613Welfare Worker
Architectural, building and surveying technicians (3121)312111Architectural Draftsperson
312113Building Inspector
312114Construction Estimator (491)
312199Architectural, Building and Surveying Tech nec
ICT support technicians (3131)313111Hardware Technician
313112ICT Customer Support Officer
313113Web Administrator
313199ICT Support Technicians
Motor mechanics  (3212)321211Motor Mechanics
321212Diesel motor mechanic
321213Motorcycle mechanic
321214Small engine mechanic
Metal fitters and machinists (3232)323211Fitter (General)
323214Metal machinist (first class)
Carpenters and joiners (3312)331211Carpenter and Joiner
Plumbers (3341)334111Plumber
Electrician (3411)341111Electrician
341113Lift Mechanic
Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics (3421)342111Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics
Chef (3513)351311Chef
Cook (3514)351411Cook
Gardener (3622)362211Gardener (General
362213Landscape Gardener
Hairdresser (3911)391111Hairdressers
Enrolled Nurse (4114)411411Enrolled Nurses
Welfare support workers (4117)411711Community Worker
411712Disabilities Services Officer
411713Family Support Worker
411715Residential Care Officer
411716Youth Worker
Sports coaches, instructors and officials (4523)452311Sports Development Officer
Contract, program and project administrators (5111)511111Contract Administrator
511112Program or Project Administrator