Work and Holiday Arrangement
  1.  New work and holiday arrangement with Mongolia.  More details on the eligibility and the legislative instrument will be passed soon. The arrangement is to allow 100 Mongolians and 100 Australians each year to travel for 12 months for short term work and study. 
  2. Commencing from 1st July 2022, 500 Brazilians will be allowed to travel for holidays or study or work. The age criteria is between 18 to 30 years and can travel for 12 months. 
  3. Form 1st July 2022, the age limit for Italian and Danish Citizens will increase from 30 to 35 years if age
  4. The work towards the flood recovery will be counted as the specified work for the second and third WHM visa requirement
  5. India and Australia has signed a new bilateral agreement for trade
  6. Australia WHM program will be set at 1,000 per year and Australia will have two years to implement the outcome
  7. Indian students with bachelor degree with first class honours  will be extended from 2 to 3 years post study in STEM and ICT sectors

Source: MIA Notice

Published on 04/04/2022